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The holidays are over. I’ve managed to avoid sitting down with the family to talk things out. Milo’s been quite busy and hasn’t bothered me any. So far so good. Now it’s back to work. Need to get some witnesses to testify of Trevor’s “good character”, mission impossible me thinks.
It’s also time to get this baby thing sorted once and for all. I cannot even be sure that I didn’t have sexual relations with that young woman. I have done some crazy things while in a drunken haze. Isn’t that how Milo was conceived. It’s even safe to take the baby’s DNA in the womb. Perhaps I can pay for a private consultation. Hmmm, how do I facilitate this without looking guilty?
Keran is on my mind, Kiantai seems to be a distant memory. Looks like the Company’s bank will refund the £12,000 and my job may be safe again…

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