Yes, I’ve been keeping low key and have not replied back to anyones messages. I needed time away from the all the madness, but it seems to be calming down since I’ve been away and I know Martins back from Jamaica from all the missed calls and messages he left me. Only now he realized I’ve been M.I.A. (How thoughtful of him) even though I miss him like crazy I don’t think he deserve me back in a heart beat, not that easily, he needs to work for me this time. All or nothing. Or he will lose me for good. Carnival came at the right time, have not been out in ages let alone let my hair down, I even had a cheeky whineeee, hope no one saw 🙂 lol  Someone told me, Keantai as been arrested, that’s why no one as seen or heard from her, apparently, the…

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