I’ve been staying at one of my flats on the other side of London. Trial begins tomorrow…. I’ve pepped Trevor, advising that he doesn’t take the stand unless absolutely necessary.He can take the “5th”.  He is not a credible person and only one person is willing to be a character witness.
Blessing messaged me with her usual insults, you stupid man, your wife, i will meet her, you wont touch this nyash again, i just want money dro…. She is in the UK! She won’t tell me where exactly where.
Kiantai is out on bail, which I secured for her…..what a mug I am.
Could Thiago be mine? When I think about it, I doubt if I’ve ever met Crystal, drunk or sober.
Now I have to brace myself, do I tell my wife about the child I had with Blessing?

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