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Where’s my phone?!!! Oh no! Left it at home! Good thing I’ve got another one. Technology is a great thing, everything syncing in the cloud! Haven’t seen any calls though. I’ll have to return home. What a morning, Trevor was supposed to appear in court today for his continued trial. As i was walking up from the chambers, it all kicked of around 9.30am. Apparently, a couple oh hooded men bundled him into a car and shots were fired, its all over the news.The only way Trevor would have got of the case, was if he talked! So, those guys who took him away wants to make sure he doesn’t have his day in court.
Some people were spreading rumours about me going AWOL from the opening  trial! What nonsense! At least they saw me there pleading for my client! The Judge was considering on dismissing the case! All the…

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