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I just looked out of my window, all I can see is bear feds on the block, its allover the media that Trevor was ambushed outside court today….. Aside from myself (yeah, I acknowledge that I’m a part of it….not something I’m proud of) there’s our prisoner Jamie, the leader Jerrel, and the rest of them, Rhodes, Damien, Reggie and fist (that’s what they call him….idk his real name) who just knocked on my door. I was never intimidated by fist. He was always the first to bark and try to cause trouble. In fact, he was he that stole the car with myself and Jamie. So obviously, he would want to discuss the tension between the rest of us. After I welcomed him In there was this awkward silence. I’ve never been alone with any of them besides Jerrel who pressured me into the hang in the first place…

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