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Where is Blessing? Milo has been on at me and I can’t dodge this bullet. Mary doesn’t seem to care or she is just daddy’s girl and I can do no wrong with her.
Was that Keran I drove past earlier. She had a man in tow, hmmmm, that Norman Foster guy….. Why do I like complications. So many questions to answer to, personally and professionally. All I want to to is taken Keran and run away but now it looks like I have new competition.
Trevor Stevens needs to surface soon, it’s the only way he will get off this rap. Is he still alive? So many stories buzzing around, my ears on the street can’t come up with anything concrete. Its all going of again, people seem to know who crystals baby father is now…..
Oh well, the wait continues…..maybe not for long, ive just got a message…

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