That idiot Lewis started chatting crap, Cassandra called me saying how he’s telling everyone Thiago is his son and he even showed up to my hostel, HOW THE HELL CAN HE BE MY BABY’S DAD??! And why does everyone STILL feel the need to be in my business when they don’t know shit. I don’t even know Lewis, all I know is that he owns that club we went to, he looks like he’s old enough to be Thiago’s grandad. Milo  is shook of Lewis and afraid  to confront him, Milo aint happy about it but he told me he aint going anywhere.. If Lewis thinks he can take  my son away like that,  he’s fully twisted but still, Milo ain’t taking no shit from that old prick! Lewis needs to watch his back because if Milo doesn’t get to him first then he’ll be getting visit from someone he…

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