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Yawa don gas!!!! Blessing’s doing her nut! Swearing about revenge! What do these women want anyway. Do they not realise that a man is a predator by nature and polygamous to boot?! Yeah, I guess secrecy shouldn’t be involved, let every wife know that she has a co-wife and all that. Hmmmm, I must concentrate on fixing this.
My wife spent Christmas at home but she is still leaving me or rather, throwing me out. Could I set up home with Blessing? Can’t really marry her yet in order to keep her in the UK, her visa will have expired by the time I’m divorced. But I can’t really see me and Blessing together outside her zone….Keran on my mind always….but blessing, i could give her 10k to go away, but i love her nyash, we had a good time in nijah…i must call her to arrange a talk…

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