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Amazingly, I’ve kept my head down….I’ve been allowed some respite to get with a particularly difficult case.
Blessing made contact yesterday eventhough shes gone back to Nigeria  for a little while, she wants to know what I intended to do with her when she gets back.. Hmmm, what can I do? Anyways, I told her that I’d set her up in an apartment while her visa lasts and then she has to return to Africa.
Ndey, Kiantai sent me a message too…saying she is out of jail, but keeping a low profile trying to sort her self out….she wants to forget about what happen, and wants me to help her get  back on her feet. Am gonna arrange to see her before Blessing gets back in town…and before  my wife starts acting suspicious of my intentions….
Na so the year take start? One month of peace then wahala. I’m glad…

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