ive been waiting for Tamara to arrive at home, aware of the fact that Martin isn’t home yet. Holding a milkshake, I  question Tamara about the problem between them two. I explain to her that the big room isn’t enough, the money isn’t enough, I  just want some time with Martin, she is in the way of the bond. Tamara calls me a spoilt bitch….she starts to  cry as she explains the whole situation of how she’s got HIV.  I was so angry, I threw the milkshake in her face…she slapped me real hard and said two women cant live in this house… am not leaving, so its gonna be you…She went upsatairs and locked her door.  Martin arrives home, he starts fuming when I told him what happen..he said, go to your room, i shouted at him and got my coat and walked out… I  decided to join…

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