The contents of our empty graves Hits

Contents of Our Empty Graves Revised edition

The contents of our empty graves, a poetry collection against social vices written by Chinaka Iwuoha a journalist, creative entrepreneur and civil society leader tends to elaborately review the negative side of most of the social crimes in our today’s humanity and reflected on some of atrocities which continuously shape the ills in the world that the collection contends with.

The collection of poetry is like a modern day work on a papyrus, as it delves into the present- past to collect essential issues and dissect them on today’s society, infusing their influence in our psyche and then battle the vice to standstill on his readers mind, the poet takes his argument successfully against the established order of some social sins that are legalized by circumstances in some of today’s human society, social ills like Child labour, Racism, Abortion, War ,Capital Punishment ,Domestic violence ,and of course perils and joys of Love.

Dedicating the book to over 17 youths who had fallen before their prime under different circumstances tries to give the reader a waking punch to the menace that we contend with in today’s world, from Criminals of Religion his work that successfully reprimand terrorism in the African society hinged on the conflict between Islam and Christianity, to The Call a message of restoration of pride and root to new generation of Africans whose forbear fell victim to the Trans Atlantic slave trade that dehumanized black Africans for more than three hundred years in cruel servitude, in Self Apostles the collection stepped in on the rampant abuse of naive worshipers by authorities in the religion they adhere to, The Militants Love letter is an awakener to the fortitude that strengthens the Niger Delta Militants agitation for a never-coming freedom, and a militant resolve in his letter to his lover back home to never surrender till freedom is at last secured from their neo colonialist oppressors.

Chinaka IwuohaThe writers use of allegory, Simile, imagery and other figures of speech offers a refreshing entrance to his readers who are bound to stay glued to the collection till its end and to possibly remain loyal converts to this new writer whose soulful lamentations and exhilarating love songs opens a new door to an amazing world populated with pure emotions that reminds us all what being human truly means, good and evil.
Below are a glimpse of what to expect in this collection ,the entire work most especially The Son of Depression is filled with soul searching questions that pleads for answers both from human and spirits.

With all energy in pints of blood buried in my being
Wisdom from inspirations in every elevation of my spirit.
With all unfound meaning of my existence,
Memories of my many births and deaths,
I scream! Scream ! And scream!!
Yet can’t wake from this nightmare
-Criminals of Religion

“And if my sight you never meet again,
Cry not that I am buried in a shallow Grave
But brave your spirit
For I dedicate every bullet
That ripped my flesh and veins to you.
Every blood that escapes from this mortal
Will be sheltered by earth,
till the flowers that grows From my dying place
someday reach you.
-The Militants Love letter
I am the offspring of war rapes of Darfur,
Who laments for they are not loved,
Rejected by mother, abandoned by father
I grow to become whore of society
And will only regain my dignity
When God comes to kneel
And weep for my forgiveness,
For he made this monstrous creatures
and called them men.
-Son of Depression

From above verses you will agree with me that In the Contents of our empty Graves , Chinaka Iwuoha ,a self confessed ’de-colonized’ contemporary African poet tries to persuade us to see through the warped fabric of human emotions, the collection in its entirety presents the opinion that there are many in all of us, and man despite depths of his innocence at birth, is still capable of any evil depending on the situations that shaped him. The sad love poems like My beautiful way to die, A woman pledge, Incurable Maladies of my mind, exposes the intricacies borne by self in the time of love and how much our self acceptance so much depends on others opinion of us, especially people we value, this poetry collection is an entire reflection of predominant issues in modern African society.
A must read for any soul trying to effect positive change in the human community.

Chinaka Iwuoha is editor in chief of Nigerian eye newspaper Ghana,Co founder All Africa Media network and educative event organiser and creative writer,The Content of Our Empty Graves is his third book and first published literary work,the others being non fictional works titled The Diaspora Nigerians making impact in Ghana and Nigeria Diplomatic footprints in Ghana:The Obanikoro Years both co -authored with Bola Olalere.

The contents of our empty graves Hits was originally published on Theodora Ibekwe-Oyebade Blog