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More work for the firm, nice. But is is the right kind of work? Ha! We are lawyers! We would advocate for anyone even though we know there are guilty! Aston has brought his case to me expecting me to work miracles, which I usually do.
Kiantai’s been on the phone again. She does have a cheek huh! Wants me to help her with a job. I will help her though, still have a soft spot for her but she is poison. Got a watch my step with that one. Perhaps she can smooth the path to Keran? There’s always a price tag huh. Where is Keran? Haven’t seen her in a while. Ha! Haven’t been stalking her oh, just saying, hmmmm.
Well, let’s concentrate on Aston’s case; the Police have laid off the Trevor Stevens issue for the time being. I’m sure Trevor will show up, hopefully alive and…

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