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Still on Aston’s case. It’s proving trickier than I first thought. The prosecution has a lot of evidence against him and it looks like has been holding out on me. Does he not realise that he needs to give me all the facts in order for me to plan his defence. How do I instruct his barrister. Back to the drawing board and he better open up.
Kiantai’s now my “Assistant”. No oh! She doesn’t work at my office. Ha! That would be too much. But she is invaluable, very resourceful and has her ears to the ground, collecting info. Of course, I have to be discerning as she could be feeding me with dud info.
Blessing isn’t back yet, perhaps she hasn’t the funds due to the collapse of the Naira. Naija set. Almost 56 years old and the country still has no firm direction. I wonder if it…

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