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The Case has stalled, the Judge has taken ill and no other Judge has been appointed. So we are adjourned for the time being. Sitting in court can be so boring as the Barrister gets to do most of the talking while we Solicitors sit there listening and scouring through files of evidence and other notes. The Jury looks bored too, a few of them have nodded off already.
Better get back to the office. I’ve been inundated recently with requests for assistance, even Blessing’s sister Esther is on my case as well as Paloma and Rebecca. How did I get myself into this? Some of them are even married but thankfully I have behaved myself in that department.
Where is Trevor? Kiantai has not turned up anything concrete.
Life goes on, Mary called to say hello, she seems to be coming round although she is still sore about the…

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