Celebrate the Uncelebrated Nigerians in the UK

By Ayo Akinfe

[1] Immigrants are bad, Immigrants take our wealth, immigrants clog up the NHS, immigrants deny our kids places in school, etc, etc. [2] It was this kind of xenophobia that fuelled the “Leave” vote during the recent UK referendum [3] Ordinary working people were made to believe that immigrants were the ones responsible for their socio-economic woes [4] Well I have news for them. It is migrants who create wealth in the UK. They run the National Health Service ( NHS), man London Underground, control your retail trade and generate billions of pounds for the treasury [5] Without migrant labour, the UK’s GDP would be at least 10% to 15% less than it currently is [6] I wonder if any of those “Leave” voters knew that about 10% of the doctors on the British NHS are Nigerian? 

[7] As we saw, the skilled and hardworking Londoners do not have a problem with migrants but hey, the poorest of the poor, including those who actually live off EU aid like the Welsh do. Hopefully, the bony hand of hunger will soon teach them a lesson or two.

[8] Well, we have news for these work-shy, xenophobic, lazy and “entitlement” people. We Nigerians in the UK are part of the fabric of society. Without us you will be 10 times worse off.
[9] On September 24, we will be honouring some of these hardworking, industrious, honest and toiling Nigerians at the Uncelebrated Nigerians Awards UK: https://youtu.be/AOSuvAU2Kq0
[10] Let us give the xenophobes a bloody nose by making this event huge, grand and an example. Please go and nominate people now: http://www.uncelebratednigeriansawardsuk.com/