What Brexit Means to Me

My two bit opinion is that #JeremyCorbyn should stand his ground. Why does he have to resign? Sure he will have practically unknown novices in his shadow cabinet but they will all have access to info and should hit the ground running.
My feeling is that this distraction will definitely split the Labour Party if not quickly repaired. Anyone standing against #Jeremy at this time hasn’t a prayer of winning. On the other hand #Jeremy has no chance of winning a general election. He may cut swagger as a left wing socialist but not a Bella Figura worthy of representing our country. I’m sorry but we all know it’s true.
It’s best for Labour to rally round their leader and force the Tories to do a good job guiding us out of the EU and securing us as the 5th largest economy in the world. London may lose its place as the Financial capital of the world but it can remain very significant.
Let’s not allow the closet racists to unleash their venom as they have been doing lately, the law must be enforced. Sure there’s free speech but there should be no incitement to violence.
I always wanted the UK out of the EU and not because of immigration! How dare I want to prevent other immigrants to come to these isles when my parents were free to do so over 50 years ago. No! But #NewWorldOrder is coming for sure and it’ll displace and affect us all adversely. UK must be kept out of the coming storm and, I suspect a few more EU countries will flee from the Union in the coming years.
I definitely welcome more immigration, this country needs it, we just got to sacrifice more land to build more dwellings. This country can be great again but with a better image.
Remember, UK has to make reparation for the evils it has perpetuated around the world and still does.
So tell me, will you send all the immigrants back to their countries? And whom will take up the jobs they leave behind? The same Brits who rejected the jobs in the first place giving rise to immigrants taking those jobs? Did this not happen in the 1950’s and 1960’s? Yeah! We can all scream that our jobs are being taken due to the willingness of immigrants to accept lower pay. But pardon me, if we Brits took those low paid jobs, are there no boosters from the government? Tax credits, etc. Correct me if I’m wrong.
So Brexit for me does not mean restriction of movement of peoples from Europe in the UK or indeed from around the world.

We need a strong and resolute Tory Prime Minister who will make those difficult choices and decisions while still making us accessible to the world. An independent UK free from meddling by EU Commissioners. And dare I say, conspiratorially, avoid the coming Anti Christ!!!! Well hopefully.
Pardon my rant but I think I’ve made my position clear.

By the way, I am backing #TheresaMay as next Tory leader and Prime Minister.
Have a wonderfully blessed day ahead. Keep smiling, God loves you.
Ayo Oyebade