Rita Dominic and Joseph Benjamin Star in Desecration. Premieres 11th November 2016 at Lighthouse Camberwell

A Niyi Towolawi film.
Presented by Kherut Films Limited
Another UKNollywood master production starring Rita Dominic, Joseph Benjamin, Nicola Alexis, Max Cavenham, Moji Bamtefa and Ken Smart
ON 11th November at The Lighthouse Arena, 254-270 Camberwell Road, London SE5 0DP
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…when delusion detests focus, romance provides the veil

This story of enthralment and obsession explores how a chance meeting and a casual encounter quickly becomes a living nightmare for Olusola Daniels (Joseph Benjamin), a brilliant medical doctor and his young family. Following a romantic weekend with the gorgeous Linda Bruce (Rita Dominic) Olushola assumes he can just walk away, but Linda is a woman who refuses to be ignored! It becomes increasingly clear to Olushola that Linda wants to continue their relationship, and will go to any extent to achieve her goal. With the realisation that he wants to keep and protect his family, Olushola struggles to keep Linda at bay. She is a woman who knows what she wants and will stop at nothing till she gets it……. How far will she go? How much can he take?