Channel 5 Documentary Coming Soon….Get Involved


My name is Laura McMenemy and I am casting producer at Pulse Films, (
We are currently producing a ground breaking documentary series about the ‘Modern family’, that explores how family life can become complex after parents separate and move onto another relationship.
The idea is based on the premise that it can be incredibly difficult for divorced and separated parents to find an effective way to cooperatively raise their child(ren) after a break-up.
It is believed to be healthier for children to be raised without parental conflict and wherever possible with substantial access to the love, support and input of both their parents, even after separation.
For this landmark new series, we’re looking to film with divorced or separated parents, and also step-parents – with the aim of finding a resolution that allows both parents to be actively involved in their child’s upbringing – with the needs of the child(ren) being prioritised.
We are hoping to speak to as many parents as possible who might want to participate. Please may you pass this on via social media and/or email to anyone you think may be interested in having a chat and finding out a bit more?
At this stage there is absolutely no obligation for anyone we speak to, to be involved in the programme. All conversations are held in the strictest of confidence and we’re fully compliant with the Data Protection Act. I can be contacted on 07535 501 327 or at
All the best,
Laura McMenemy
Casting Producer

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