production overview


Season two, this generation TV drama series

2016 is soon to past, so much as gone on with the neighbors on this south London neighborhood of This Generation…what will 2017 bring to the new generation ?
Jedai  finally got arrested and served time for his crooked deals, it seems like kiantai eventually got him, or was it someone else? ….Adamson is now trying to help is father back on is feet….after so much secrets and lies with Joyce and Norman,  she went into a breakdown, now she is on the recovery with help from her sister Monica. ..Tia Dawson  as spent the past few years living in Jamaica, now she as returned to the UK,  she is shocked to hear about her sisters. Tia is good friends with Moet whom they are planning on something big….Martin Brewster was once the king of the manner, but since Tamara  disappeared he as…

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