Last night at Martin’s house party for Brendan’s belated  graduation. It was in a huge pent house in South London. The house was filled with people, food, alcohol and a DJ in the living room. Gabrielle, Jason & Micky arrived late and made an entrance as usual.
I have  flunked many football matches in the past because of bribes that mostly came from Martin, so we have a history. As i arrived, i went  with Martin to get some drinks while Jason and Micky went on the balcony with two pretty chics.

Jason  came back in the main room with one of the girls that was on the balcony, this chic was very pretty, but also looked young, i said to Jason, you should ask i for ID brov, he just laughed and drank from the bottle of brandy. I noticed  a man sitting in the corner of the room…

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