Joyce is sitting on the sofa in her lounge staring blankly at the TV, a Pointless game is showing. I enter the holding a tray.

‘I made Joyce some tea, setting down the tray. Joyce reaches for the mug and accidentally knocks it onto the floor. Aargh! I can’t do anything right!’ says Joyce.Don’t worry, sis, it’s only tea…I’ll get it,’  cleaning up the spillage.

I poured Joyce another cup, she says thanks, I don’t know what I’d do without you,’ says Joyce. She takes a sip.i asked her what she is watching.I don’t even know…some game show I think,’ .

I told her, things will get better it’s just going to take some time.’she sighs then takes another sip from her cup.The doorbell rings. Joyce flinches and asks, ‘Who is it?’. i walked towards the window and minimally opens the curtains. ‘It’s Norman’,  ‘What do you want me to do I…

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