Vengeance is Mine, says the Lord, I will repay

We cannot understand God’s judgement but must always be careful when we think we can get away with wrongdoing or betrayal. 
A person wakes up one day and decides to plot evil against his/her closest ally, why? Jealousy? Or just a desire to vent evil or be used by Satan? You proceed to spread ugly rumours about your close friend and most of those you speak to dismiss you as deluded or even crazy. However, a few agree with you and join you in your evil enterprise and together you plot the downfall of you loyal friend, who had always supported you and built you up.
Hmmm, judgement is sweet though, I recall my secondary school days, a roommate and classmate with whom I was close just went rather loopy during one siesta. We called him “Tse-tse” because he loved sleeping every opportunity he got especially in class. He couldn’t sleep that afternoon and decided to bully me in front of our juniors. I asked him why and he just laughed. Baffled, I just watched him. As a child I believed in what I call “the law of averages”, which some call Karma. I clicked my fingers at him and simply said “you’ll get yours”. 
Of course, he laughed but finally stopped. An hour or so later, he had the urge to tease and bully another classmate, who wasn’t quiet like me and beat him up severely. The boy came to me an apologised. “You’re a wizard, someone else avenged you.” I shrugged and reminded him that we were friends, classmates and roommates but he had decided to pick on me and embarrass me “what went around came around”.
It may take forever, but none of us will get away with our evil deeds. When we think we have successfully destroyed someone else’s character or even career by our evil tongue, we must remember that it will be our turn to receive the treatment and it may be worse.
Some believe in horses, some in chariots but we believe in the name of the Lord our God.
Let’s make this 2017 a year of keeping calm, a year of reconciliation and forgiveness, building up one another rather than tearing down. 
May the Lord be with you and yours, Amen.