jedai akinsola



A new year and am so glad to be released from jail….the past few months as been the worst  nightmare of my life. Like play, like play, I was framed! Someone set me up to take the rap for Trevor Stevens’ escape. On top of that my law firm decided I was complicit after all in the theft of £12,000, which Kiantai spearheaded. Was it Kiantai that dobbed me in? Which unseen enemies do I have?
Thankful though that I was sentenced only to 12 months and have been paroled after 6 months. My career is in tatters. I was obviously sacked and disbarred. Can no longer practice Law. What to do now?
My family has rejected me, not even one visit!!! Managed to assist many cons inside though and made some contacts, hmmm, good or bad. I’m now living in a squalid room on a horrible estate, broke, jobless…

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