monica george


topeflat-3I ran downstairs in my pajamas, enters the kitchen and opens the fridge.  my heart sinks,   i called out to Joyce upstairs, ‘We’re out of milk, going to go and buy some.  Do you want anything?’

‘No,’ replied Joyce, half asleep.  I puts on some jogging pants and coat then heads out.  I enter the local grocery store and heads over to the refrigerated section.  Initially I picked up the medium-sized milk bottle.  Then after a second thought i delved deep into my pockets and pulls out only a few coins.  i puts down the medium-sized milk bottle and picked up the smallest one instead.

‘That’s 65 pence, please,’ says the shopkeeper.  As I hand over the money I noticed a sign by the till saying ‘Shop assistant needed’.‘Are you hiring?’ I asks .‘Yeah – you interested?’ replies the shopkeeper.‘Absolutely…

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