monica george


topeflat-3I was  sitting alone in the cafe, looking outside the window.  Really worried about Joyce who hasn’t left the flat in weeks.

The waitress appears and asks, ‘Can I take your order?’

‘Yeah, I’ll have a large coffee, please, milk but no sugar,’   The waitress returns a few minutes later with the coffee. Whilst  still pondering about how best to help Joyce, Mellony & her aunt Kendra Berry enter the cafe. Mellony is on a break and is taking the opportunity to catch up with her favorite aunt over breakfast. They are both laughing as they reminisce about old times. I recognize Mellony as one of the officers who had been raiding the flat opposite to Joyce’s the other day. I went up to Mellony and asks, ‘Sorry, I couldn’t help but recognize you from the other day. What was that raid about?’

‘Oh, I’m not really at liberty to discuss…

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