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Gangster huh! Big up, big up! But is this someone’s idea of a joke? I might be an embezzler and lawyer to gangsters but when did I graduate to not just a gangster but a gang leader, il capo di tutti capi!!! Na wah oh.
I just dey mind my own business oh and dem come put dis mantle for my shoulder. I’m not a drug dealer or armed robber just another statistic of society..cant afford for DCI carter to be on my case!
How do I cope with this new found notoriety? How will that affect my disastrous relationship with my family? Will I attract more ladies especially the young and impressionable ones? Have I looked in the mirror at all lately? Do I look like I have any charisma left? Hmmm. So if I’m a gangster, who are my posse?
Never did hear about what happened to Trevor…

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