monica george


topeflat-3Adamson is taking his father, Jedai, out with him to pick up some groceries.  Jedai was released from prison just last week and is still finding his feet.  He lags behind Adamson staring at his surroundings.  He can’t quite believe he’s a free man again having spent years in jail for fraud.  ‘Come on, dad,’ says Adamson, running back to pull him along.  They enter the local grocery store.  Monica is on duty today.  They pass down each aisle with Adamson picking up various items to put in the basket and Jedai following sheepishly behind.  A police siren is heard outside and Jedai is startled.  He begins to hyperventilate and panic.  ‘It’s alright, dad. They’re just passing by,’ says Adamson rubbing Jedai’s back.  Jedai begins to relax and his breathing slowly returns to normal.  Adamson makes his way to…

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