CANUK’s Secretariat update

Date: 3 February 2017

Dear Delegates,

This is to bring you our usual monthly secretariat update highlighting the key events in our community. In this last quarter of the tenure of the current Executive Committee the activities revolve around our forthcoming AGM and ensuring a peaceful transition on 8 April 2017 about when the mandate of the current EXCO ends.


  1. Representatives of CANUK EXCO met with the High Commission

You may have read about different accounts of the meeting between four members of the EXCO and the new welfare Minister Mr Emmanuel Namah at the NHC. The aim of the meeting was to resolve the issues around the call for an EGM/ constitution change. You will recall that a resolution for change of constitution was presented to members at the May 2016 AGM but could not be deliberated on because of disagreements over its validity. The General Assembly asked the EXCO to resolve the issue and call an EGM within 3 months to re-present the resolution. But the EXCO could not call the EGM within the 3 months. As our AGM approached, a section of the EXCO suggested that it should be deferred to May and an EGM called in March to deliberate on the draft constitution.  At the meeting at the NHC it was agreed that this suggestion should be presented to the full EXCO that has the ultimate decision to accept or reject.

EXCO deliberated on the matter at a meeting on 26 January where six members were present, one telephoned in and four sent written representation of their decision on the matter. By majority of 6 to 5 the EXCO decided not to change the constitution or call an EGM but proceed with our AGM scheduled for 8 April 2017. At the meeting the EXCO nominated six members of the community to the electoral committee and three have accepted to serve. The Nigeria High Commission has also named their representative to the committee bringing the membership to four.

I can confirm that all arrangements are now in place for our AGM to go ahead on 8 April 2017. The electoral committee will soon meet to issue the time table and guidelines for the elections which will be in line with our constitution (including amendments approved to date). But I want to warn you that the timelines set in the constitution may not be met due to challenges posed by those who tried to stop the AGM from holding as scheduled. The election process is now open and pending further guidance from the electoral committee, the main criteria as set out in the constitution apply mainly:

  1. The election of the Chairman will be at the AGM on 8 April 2017. The process for applying is set out in Section 6.14 to 6.19 of the constitution. Candidates can start campaigning but please don’t send your applications until the electoral committee meets to agree the timetable.
  2. The election of the other members of the Executive Committee will be by postal ballot (i.e by e-mail copied to all members of the electoral committee). The process for applying is set out in Section 6.28 to 6.35 of the constitution but please hold off until the time-table is announced.
  3. Eligibility to be a member of CANUK’s Executive Committee– All associations willing to nominate a candidate and vote at the elections must have been registered with CANUK for a minimum of 12 months or have attended at least one AGM
  4. All the following posts on the Executive Committee are vacant and open to CANUK members associations as indicated below:

(1)  Chair (All Associations)

(2)  1st Vice Chair (State-based associations)

(3)  2nd Vice Chair (Region- Based Association)

(4) General Secretary (Professional Associations)

(5)  Assistant General Secretary (Student Associations)

(6)  Financial Secretary (Professional Associations)

(7)  Treasurer (State-Based Associations)

(8)  Social Secretary (Sporting associations)

(9)  Assistant Social Secretary (Not Zoned- All Associations qualify)

(10) Welfare Secretary (Cultural Associations)

(11) Assistant Welfare Secretary (Not Zoned- All Associations qualify)

(12) Publicity Secretary (Region- Based Associations)

(13) Assistant Publicity Secretary (Not Zoned- All Associations qualify)

(14) Legal Advisor (Professional Legal Associations)

(15) Observer (from the High Commission, London)


  1. Dinner Dance and Awards

CANUK planned to hold a Dinner Dance in December 2016 and a Committee was set up headed by the Assistant PRO- HRM Theodora Ibekwe- Oyebade.  Due to financial constraints, the event was cancelled. At the EXCO meeting on 26 January 2017 the Chairman informed the EXCO that he has organised a Dinner and Awards night taking place on 18 March 2017 at a hotel in Park lane, London. As the Executive Committee was previously unaware and did not authorise the event, questions were raised. This matter is yet to be resolved. The secretariat has received enquires as to whether this is a CANUK event. I want to clarify that the Executive Committee has not approved of any CANUK Dinner or Awards party.


Yours sincerely,

Dr Olugbenga Coker

General Secretary

CANUK’s Secretariat update was originally published on Theodora Ibekwe-Oyebade Blog