monica george



myself and Joyce are seated in the cinema auditorium.  we’ve just finished watching a romcom and the credits are rolling.  ‘That was great!’ i said.

‘Yeah it was really good,’ replies Joyce. ‘Thanks for inviting me.  I know I haven’t been much fun to be around lately.’

‘Don’t be silly, sis, you’re doing just fine.’  We left and made our way outside heading towards the car which has been parked in a side street nearby.  Just as we about to turn into the street we see Norman walking towards us.  Joyce turns as if to run away but I quickly grab her. ‘You have to face your fears, sis,’   When Norman gets closer he asks Joyce, ‘Can we talk?’  Joyce nods hesitantly.

‘I’m going to give you two some space.  I’ll just be in the car, OK sis, before hurrying off.  Norman takes…

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