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What a state I’m in and what a spectacle I’ve made of myself. I look so bedraggled that Monica George thinks I’ve been inside for years instead of just 6 months!!! I’m glad I’ve got Adam looking after me. What a ‘Bella Figura’ gangster I am. What happened to me in that shop? Wasn’t the first time though. Completely traumatized by what I saw inside. No one touched me or anything as quite a few of the inmates were my clients and they looked out for me. But things happened inside that give me nightmares. Sure it was supposed to be a cushy lifestyle or so they make us believe, far from it, at least in my particular hell. Inmates were regularly stabbed and sodomised, you had to watched your back in the showers, literally.
Hmmm, what’s this about Kendra being pregnant and I`m the Daddy? How did that happen…

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