On  the 11th March, London will witness a move of the Spirit as the Lady to Lady Global conference opens its gate at the prestigious Excel Centre.  Ladies from all across the globe are already registering for this epic event.

This conference has witnessed several testimonies over the years.  This year, the only difference is that the glory of the latter will surpass the former.

It is our year of flourishing and significant attainment.  And that means the Spirit is doing something unique and special in the lives of people.  There is a sychronisation between the spirit and physical realm.  That means the Spirit has something extra special for the ladies especially for those that will be present.

We have heard some many prophesies concerning this conference  and many testimonies that are pouring in already.

The theme of the year  is ARISE.  This means there is something the Spirit wants to happen to, in and for all the ladies that attend this programme.

The countdown to the programme is fast approaching.  It is important to position yourself.

You can still register yourself, loved  ones and friends   at the www.ladytoladyconference.org.

Don’t be the one that will tell them  what happened but rather let them experience the moment with you.


WHY SHOULD I ATTEND LADY TO LADY GLOBAL CONFERENCE was originally published on Theodora Ibekwe-Oyebade Blog