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topeflat-3I woke up with a terrible cough and runny nose this morning.  Seems like ive caught the flu.  I head to the bathroom and brushed my teeth.  Still feeling awful I decided to go out and buy something for my symptoms.  ‘Just popping out to the chemist, sis.  Do you want anything?’

‘No, you’re alright,’ replies Joyce, still half asleep.  I steped outside and heads over to the local chemist.  Zeena is the pharmacist on duty today.  Monica walks over to the pharmacy counter and asks, “Can you recommend something for a bad cold?’.

‘Yes, you can try our cold and flu remedy.  Any allergies?’ asks Zeena.

‘No, none,’ I reply.

‘OK, then that’s £3.99.’  Holly enters the chemist looking disheveled.  She’s still shaken up by the guy she saw the other day whom she’s convinced is the drug dealer who sold her…

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