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Ronda and her boyfriend have just had a massive bust-up.  He got jealous over some guy that had texted Ronda even though she explained he was just one of her classmates from school who was working on a project with her.  He eventually apologies and they both go out to pick up some painkillers for Ronda.  She has this terrible pain around her eye where he struck her.  Ronda’s boyfriend waits outside whilst Ronda enters the grocery store where i work.  It’s late and am stacking shelves in preparation for the next day.  ‘Do you have any painkillers?’ Ronda asks.

‘Yeah, they’re just down the next aisle,’ i reply, pointing in their direction.  Am  a bit puzzled as to why Ronda is wearing sunglasses this late at night but shrugs off the thought.  Ronda picks up some Ibuprofen then walks over to the till.  i  go to serve her.  “That’ll be…

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