monica george




It’s nearly lunchtime.  Joyce is sitting on the sofa in her PJs watching some auction show on TV.  I enter the lounge and say, ‘Morning, sis.’

‘Morning,’ replies Joyce without turning away from the TV.

‘I’m going to make some tea, do you want some?’

‘Yeah go on – thanks.’

Joyce walks to the kitchen and puts the kettle on before asking, ‘So, how did it go?’


‘With Norman, of course.  How was your dinner date?’

‘Oh, it was good.  We just talked and talked.’  I joined Joyce on the sofa with the cups of tea.  Joyce continues saying, ‘We didn’t hold back, you know? We just talked about everything that had gone on between us, all the lies and the drama.  And it was quite therapeutic in a way; made me realize how much I missed him.’ 

‘So, you getting back together then?’ 


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