Lily Mutamz – You Are

Lily Mutamz became the 1st Zambian female to record a song and shoot her video in Nigeria. Video was shot in Abuja, Nigeria as well as the song recording. This is a production of 4nyMoni Enter10ment, an Abuja based company owned by CEO C-ri Snow and video is directed by him.

YOU ARE WHO YOU SAY YOU ARE – ACCORDING TO EXODUS 3:14, God said to Moses, ”I AM WHO I AM.” This is what you are to say to the Israelites: I AM has sent me to you.”
In what ever situation that we may be passing through, we need to acknowledge that God is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is Yaweh and the bible tells us that we need to ”Give thanks to Yaweh, call on his name..” Psalms 105:1

Our God is mighty, he is the All sufficient one- El Shaddai – ”God Almighty” (Genesis 17vs 2-3).

Be blessed as you listen to this powerful prayer and may your lives be changed forever in Jesus’ name.


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Sometimes Lord, We feel Lost when we are in paaiinnn…
Many at time we even give up and when all hope is lost,
But your word asures us that are there, to mend the broken,
Even when it hurts…

Chorus: You are who you say you are,You are who you say you are, You are who you say you are,
Ibu Chukwu Odigonye Dikagi,Chukwu omo, Odigonye Yirigi..


Only You can never lie,
Only You can never change
Only You Lord, Only You Lord,
You’re the same and forever you never change..


King of Kings
Jehovah Lord
You are my master
You are my Healer (Response)
My comforter
Mighty in Battle } You Are
Mountain mover
You are the Chain Breaker,
Protector yeh yeh,
You are so Powerful,
No body else like you..

Oh Tatah mwaliwamisha (Oh my Father you are too good)
Oh Tatah mulibakulu (Oh my father you are too big)
Yaweh, Yaweh….

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