Unpredictable Romance Premieres on 16th June 2017

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Behind the Scenes

Venue: The Broadway Theatre, Broadway, Barking IG11 7LS

Red carpet commences 6pm; Screening from 7pm



Unpredictable Romance is a drama depicting the untold life style of a working-class immigrant community in the United Kingdom.

It tells the story of three different families and their daily life encounters.

Lebo (Sibongile Radebe) has made a wrong choice in a boyfriend, Austin (Tudor Leaf), who loves her so much but maltreats her to the extent of pushing her away; she goes in search of a man she had rejected, her ex-boyfriend Mpumelo (Kagiso Modupe), in South Africa but was she successful?

Kwesi Kumsome (Danny Erskine), a faithful and loving husband is devastated, his money conscious, lying and deceiving wife, Joy (Layo Awolo), has left him for greener pastures after squandering nearly all his fortune. What happened to Layo will make you think twice of such a life.

Chioma (Gift Boyo) has been subjected to constant abuse by her husband, Edwin (Olukunle Fafowora). She has been left confused about life after her so call husband decided to abandon her and their teenage daughter to follow a strange woman. She later found love but what happened next will surprise you.

Francis Uwadi

Written, Directed and Produced by Francis Uwadi.


Cast includes:

Michael Okon
Danny Erskine
Kagiso Modupe
Gift Boyo
Olukunle Fafowora
Layo Awolo
Olivia Eze
Chantelle Fekumo
Chioma Ifeanyi
Samantha Ncube
Ayo Oyebade
Sibongile Radebe
Mzwakhe Radebe
Thabo Radebe
Bafokeng Mabesa
Maselebedi Monare


Cinematography and Editing by
Joseph Okechukwu O’Jay Obasi
Here is the link to buy tickets online:
https://www.thebroadwaybarking.com/sales/genres/community/film-premier—unpredictable-r/ticketsTicket lines:Francis Uwadi           07400 226543

Danny Erskine          07914 164006

Layo Awolo               07525 146935

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