The Neighborhood

Chibok School Girls

“If you want a happy ending,
that depends, of course, on
where you stop your story.”
– Orson Welles


The Nigerian Girls
written & edited by Kendall F. Person

Flight or Fight

When blue skies give way to rolling black clouds and howling winds drown out the sounds of the city, we know a storm approaches, so we race to safety. Driving  across the tracks, lights and sounds of an approaching locomotive, sends alerts from the brain down to our feet, triggering an immediate reaction of pedal to the metal. And when we hear the sound of glass shattering, we know we are in danger and are bodies either stiffen with panic or strengthen from a rush of adrenaline.

Bring Back Our Girls April 2014

Flight or fight, a psychological reaction occurring in response to a perceived harmful event, attack or threat to survival. It allows the ability to mount a defense or counterattack…

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