It’s several years since we caught up with Melqosh Mission International and their work in Sierra Leone. We were in for a ride as we interviewed the Founder, Faith Okrafo-Smart; the mission has accomplished phenomenal work, supporting amputees who were gruesomely mutilated by war rebels in this West African country.

Our last interview on Melqosh was two years ago, during the Ebola Crisis. The charity has grown in leaps and bounds since then and is set to educate over 100 children and orphans of the war amputees in Sierra Leone ( Blood Diamond victims)

 Recent Accomplishments

April 2017’s Sevenfold Mission

Melqosh executed 5 Medical Missions in Freetown, Newton, Magburaka, Bo and Lungi. We also held a Fun Day for Ebola Orphans and a successful Crusade at Lungi. In addition, we have fully paid the school fees for one child or orphan from every war-amputee household in Freetown, the Capital for 2016/17 Academic year. 

September 2016’s Empowerment Programme:

We held our programme in three cities of Sierra Leone: Freetown, Makeni, Magburaka and Bo.Over 1,000 amputees, widows and orphans attended, they were fed them and empowered to strive for a better future.

 ·         Medical Mission for Amputees, Widows, Orphans and Children of Amputees, rendering the 1st free Specialist Medicare including all-expense paid surgical operations since the war officially ended in 2002. Melqosh Mission International executed a two-fold Medical Mission, the first at Bo partnering with 15 U.S. doctors and the second was a Mobile Healthcare mission, treating the sick at Hastings, Waterloo, Newton and Mile Saika amputee camps.

·         Post Ebola Mission Trip 2016- in February, we embarked on our 1st trip to Sierra Leone since 2014 and gifted a bag of rice and monetary gifts each to all amputees, widows and orphans at Grafton, Jui, Rokel, Hastings, Newton, Hastings, Waterloo 55, Waterloo Beguma Rd Amputee Camps plus three other amputee locations. Provided finance to facilitate the medical costs of sick amputees and continued Educational Sponsorships.

·         Christmas Mission 2015 – Rendering a bag of rice and monetary gifts to all amputee households at all our amputee locations. Continuity of our Educational Sponsorship Programme after the Government of Sierra Leone reopened public Schools, Colleges and Universities in September 2015.

·         Humanitarian response to the flooding in the capital of Sierra Leone, Freetown; which resulted in 3,000 civilians losing their homes.  Melqosh Mission provided 50 bags of rice to the displaced in September 2015

·         Christmas Ebola Mission 2014 was a four-fold country wide project, providing relief in the Capital and the Provinces. This drive included donating bags of rice to our beneficiaries, plus PPE supplies and monetary gifts as a continuity of our annual Christmas projects in Sierra Leone. Our project also rendered monetary gifts and provisions for Ebola orphans in Freetown and the Provinces. They successfully completed ten Ebola –related missions in Sierra Leone between July 2014 to March 2015.

·         October 2014 – Executed the third phase of the Ebola Mission, distributing thousands of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to war amputees

·         July 2014 – Launched an Ebola Crisis Food Aid Programme, donating bags of rice, gallons of oil, packs of water and monetary gifts to amputees, their families, orphans and widows at 10 amputee locations/camps at Grafton, Jui, Rokel, Hastings, Newton, Hastings, Waterloo, Waterloo Beguma Rd Amputee Camps plus 3 other locations.

Faith Okrafo-Smart

Founder of Melqosh Mission International