When we agree that RACISM is an acceptable term, we have lost the battle already!!

Am I missing something?

Sure, for many decades we have been lulled into a sense that, if you are a different colour then you are a different race.

Yet we also talk about #humanrace!

Who belongs to this #humanrace?!! Just white people?!!! Perhaps I’m being simplistic.

What about a white person who has their DNA tested and is told that he is 40% black?!! Or a pure black person who was born in Africa suddenly finding out that he is 30% white and 10% asianate?!! Hmmmm.

Although we have different types of blood, all of them are common to everyone on the planet whether black, white, yellow, brown.

And is #white really white and #black really black?! Most #Albinos would be regarded as black but do they not look white?!!!

We have allowed the #Elite to categorise us, so that it’s easier to discriminate, divide and rule and economically oppress us.

When you believe in #evolution, you have to oppress or indeed get rid of the weakest. So you categorise those who don’t look like you as either weak or of a lower stature or less developed (2/3rd human) blah blah. It makes it easier for you to propagate genocide.

And, when you control the media, it’s easier to perpetuate “racism”, so that generations of #white people can grow up hating #non-whites.

Whereas, all it is is #ignorance and #bigotry and #selfloathing

I’ve asked this before, when you bigots have managed to wipe out those you consider inferior to you in colour, who will you pick on next? Will it not be your neighbour, who although is your colour but doesn’t have your accent?

After that? Will you not pick on the members of your own family? And when you have done all that, will you not be self loathing and kill yourself?

Be careful what you wish for.

None of us is perfect. Some of us still go around claiming what is not ours, we usurp titles as easily as we usurp thrones. This is what divide and rule causes – #greed #nolove #selfishness.

The first commandment is, Love the Lord thy God with all your mind and strength and, the second, is to love your neighbour as yourself.

Let there be #agapelove.

There is #justoneblood #justonerace.

Peace out!