By Gbollyking.

Imagine playing a game of puzzle. Puzzle is a game whereby an image is cut into several pieces and you need to set it back in place. For you to do that, you must have an idea of what the real image looks like.But imagine if you can’t figure out what it looks like…(The missing piece)

Puzzle game is a game we all love but sometimes scared of because it challenges our imagination; making meaningful image with meaningless pieces that is presented to us…. So..will I be wrong if I describe life as a Puzzle?

In life, we have lots of meaningless pieces presented to us called Challenges. Oftentimes, we don’t get it solved at once which requires our continual trial until something meaningful is achieved, meaning we must be able to transform our imaginations into reality.

We experience so many challenges like the game of puzzle which needs solutions. And being able to set the picture back in place makes you an Achiever but not being able to figure it out makes you a Non achiever.

An Achiever faces a problem and sees himself as the solution i.e he seeks solution in himself, he has the drive of being The missing piece(solution). But a Non achiever faces a problem and fails to find the solution because he seeks solution outside the puzzle (i.e himself). He lacks the drive of being the solution i.e creating it.

We imagine that life will always sort itself out, which is false. Life will not sort itself out, it needs the missing piece which is the solution to your problem and the solution to your problem is YOU. It’s always in you. So it’s left for you to bring it out of you(figure it out). That, is the essence of your creation… (Making ways for yourself)… It’s in YOU.

Stay happy !!😃