The First African Cultural Gala Night

Cultural evening with Ayan De First at Nigerian High Commission on September 20, 2019

Cultural icon and celebrity talking drummer Ayan De First is to host a cultural evening at the Nigerian high commission in London on Friday September 20 where he will give fans a taster as to what to expect at his forthcoming African Cultural Gala Night (ACGN) holding on October 19.

Put together to showcase African culture before a global audience, ACGN will be promoting the significance of the diverse and opulent African heritage through cultural dance and music. It will demonstrate the importance of dance and music as a medium for social engagement and communication to address key contemporary issues.

As a prelude to main event taking place at the Palm Hotel in London on Saturday October 19 2019, Ayan de First is treating his fans to a snippet of what is to come this Friday. His event will involve sppe4ches from community leaders including Jenny Okafor, Dr Peter Ozua, Councilor Susan Fajana-Thomas, Chief Bimbo Roberts Folayan and Anjola Adeniyi.

On the night, Ayan De First and his students will also be performing on the talking drums, while Nigerian-British children will also deliver renditions in the Igbo, Edo and Yoruba languages. Akwa Ibom dancers will also be performing for an audience that will include His Excellency Ambassador George Oguntade, the Nigerian high commissioner to the UK.

Ayan de First said: “The purpose of it is to showcase our rich cultural heritage and to also remind Africans and especially Nigerians of where they come from. Our culture night being planned for the high commission will be witnessed by our youth, media and other important stakeholders.

“Our colonial masters have taken the whole lot out of us be it religion, confidence about all that we have but could not take our culture from us. Ladies and gentlemen please let us wake up from our slumber and revive, sustain and keep it alive.”

He added that the event is being organised to promote and protect African culture, to pass on the baton to the next generation and to make the point that African culture is very prospective, educative and sustainable. According to Ayan de First, African culture is our identity and we must be proud of it.

Tickets for the event cost £40 and can be purchased by either ringing Theodora on 07943823292, June on 07931595287. Alternatively please visit

For more information contact:

Ronke Udofia

07828 119278

Ayan De First

07956 482148

Ayo Akinfe

07866 164300

Theodora Oyebade

07943 823292

Note for editors

The UK’s first ever African Cultural Gala Night (ACGN) in London at the Palm Hotel 64-76 Hendon Way, London NW2 2NL on Saturday October 19th 2019. Organised by African cultural icon and a celebrity talking drummer Ayan De First, ACGN will involve the playing of melodious and mesmerising rhythms associated with African dance and music is fundamental to the African culture.

Starting at 5pm, the event will feature a variety of dance troops and entertainers from across the African continent to entertain, educate and facilitate the appreciation of African people. Involving a gala dinner, the event is expected to attract about 400 people from across the UK, including diplomatic staff, politicians, entertainers, community leaders and showbiz personalities.