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It’s my turn too live a life full of dreams. My sister may have it the easy way but at least i work hard for it! Even if it…


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I dont know what I would do if dad went to prison and after his release deported to Jamaica. Am sure I can help him, Am gonna talk to…


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Meagan must  think she’s  got her little secret all to her self, but she’s  gonna be shocked when I  tell her I know about the money she’s got. Does…


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Since Saira comes from such a wealthy family and is used to having what she’s always desired its hard for her to refuse something when her dad offers. But…


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It was surely a night to remember. Norman presented me with a single red rose as we sat at our table. The food and company was superb. I felt…


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Rodney’s confrontation with murder doesn’t bode well for him when he experiences it. He regularly takes different routes home, through parks and side streets while he’s engulfed in his…


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I’m waiting for a cab, I get in to an altercation with some youths, didn’t result in to nothing much just had to rough the main guy up. I…


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Cassandra is gonna get it if she carries on. Could anyone be that dumb, seriously my Trev would never go out with that. Don’t know what she is planning…


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Anger after we find that Depesh has run away from home. I can’t believe that she’s gone!!! After everything we’ve done to keep her safe. Why doesn’t she understand…

Inaugural Meeting of Actors Guild of UK Nollywood

HRH Theodora Ibekwe Oyebade, a multi award winning actress and producer, who was also nominated President of the Guild, in her inaugural speech, enjoined members to work together to form a strong, formidable and vibrant Guild. She outlined her vision for the Guild which include raising industry standards, ensuring that producers honour their financial obligations to actors, promoting and commercialising actors products, ensuring that actors are adequately legally represented in case of disputes, to mention a few of the many objectives in the her mission statement.


At last the Actors Guild UK Nollywood is born. On Sunday 8th March 2015 at The Z’bra Lounge South East London, the crème de la crème of the UK Nollywood industry met to decide the future direction of the industry. This meeting, the brain child of HRH Theodora Ibekwe Oyebade was called to discuss issues…

AGUKN Press Release!!! A NEW DAWN A NEW DAY was originally published on Theodora Ibekwe-Oyebade Blog

The London Premiere of Yinka Idowu’s HUNTING FOR HUBBIES set for March date

The London premiere of Yinka Idowu’s HUNTING 4 HUBBIES will hold on Friday, 27th, March, 2015 at Odeon Cinema, Bugsby Way, Greenwich. The movie which is a UK Nollywood production features an array… Continue reading

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